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Pet Allergies

So I have a new tenet that moved in a week ago. The lease is signed for one year. I allow pets at me rental and the previous renters had a dog and cat. When they moved out we replaced the old carpet and scrubbed the house floor to ceiling. My current tenet has a dog and was aware of the previous owners pets before lease signing. She has a cat allergy and ever since she moved in this week she has been having an allergic reaction. My question as a landlord is, what am I liable to cover if anything? She has been to the doctors twice now for medication and has contacted a cleaning agency to come in and bid on cleaning the house. I would rather break the lease than spend a fortune keeping this tenet.
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The best idea would be to come with to a mutual termination agreement, have them actively look for a new place or move them to another unit.  Also you can get all new air filters that filter out all pet dander and everything that would cause allergic reaction.  Also because this is a health related issue you may be held responsible for living costs until they  are moved into a new place.
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