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plumbing blockage caused by tenants

We received a frantic call from our tenants on a Friday morning that the ceiling was leaking water from the upstairs bathroom. We called a plumber and had him out within the hour. He removed a piece of drywall in the ceiling and discovered it was not the shower as assumed, but the toilet in the master. The plumber called a water extraction company as the water had leaked onto the carpet downstairs. I contacted our homeowners insurance as with basically the whole ceiling missing, and not sure the extent of the damages, we thought it best to offset the cost. According to the plumber, it is a blockage in the toilet caused by something going down that shouldn't have. (Ie: tenant or tenant's small children flushed something). Right now repair costs for plumber alone are about $800. That does not include extraction company, or repair of drywall or carpet. If indeed it was a toy/diaper/tampon that caused the blockage, is it the tenants responsibility (or their renter's insurance if they have it) to pay for ALL of the repairs? Including the plumber? We are in California. Thank you.
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I would go after the tenants and their renters insurance.  You did require in the lease and you did get the proof of insurance.  We require that all tenants obtain renters insurance and that the landlord be list on the policy and each year we get an updated proof of insurance from their agent.
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