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Condo. Board out of control

I have a question about condo. boards.  When I bought my condo., I was allowed to  have a bird feeder year round.  Now that a new board is in control, they are limiting having a bird feeder to the winter months.  This seems ridiculous to me since I pay all expenses for my hobby.  As boards change, can they change the rules? Our board has become extremely controlling and arbitrary.  Thanks, Amy

I have done as you suggested but many owners are fed up with the board and do not attend meetings or get involved.  In the 15 years of living here, the board has empowered itself unbelievably. The owners here are not a happy group.  Do I have any recourse when they threaten to place a lean on my condo or a daily fine when their decisions are not adhered to?  We are not talking about earth shattering issues.  They made me dig up a garden that I had planted 10 years before because I had not asked permission to extend it minimally. There are a couple of owners who are making it their business to make problems.  These are board decisions ( and not by-law rules) I am talking about when there are others in the condo who violate condo by-laws and are not subject to any threats.   Thanks, Amy
Yes technically the condo association can change this as they see fit, as an owner you do have rights however and major changes usually demand a vote. You should have input as you do pay into it but do consider that they should have the interest of the entire community.  Contact them and speak with them directly as well as get other home owners interests to help your case.
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