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Tenant's Guest has 'Service Dog" - Can I ask for proof?

I manage a 4 plex with no pet policy in Missouri. Tenant said a dog was visiting with it's owner today. I told her the dog should not be in the home at all. I did not see the dog...another property manager saw it and reported it to me. Later. I followed up with an email to the tenant reiterating in writing this time that it was against the lease to have a dog in the home and remediation costs to return the home to pet-free status would be on her. She then wrote that it was a service dog so she wasn't going to remediate.  At this point, I want to be sure I'm on legal ground to request a letter from a medical provider stating that the dog's owner did have a 'prescription/recommendation' for a service dog and the 'service' that the dog provides, even if that is just comfort. Also, I want to know if it is permissible for me to request a photo of the dog to show my insurance agent to assure my insurance would not be compromised by having this dog on the premises. I understand that should it be a dangerous breed, it might effect my insurance coverage.  Thank you for your opinion on this.
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I believe if it were like a restaurant or job you are only allowed to ask certain questions to the person with the service dog. If it is a rental property, I believe it is allowed to ask for a doctors note. Still do a lot of research. Good luck.
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