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Tenants Mail While in the Hospital

I have an elderly tenant, on a fixed income who has been hospitalized for about 2 weeks, and he will be gone longer for rehab.  His mother (even more elderly) and sister live 1.5 hours away.  His mother is trying to take care of her son's bills and keep up with things, such as rent, water bill etc.   I know it would be helpful if she had some of his mail such as the gas bill, insurance etc.  How can I help, but not create issues for myself?  His mother and sister are listed as emergency contacts on the application.
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Mail is an easy thing, contact the mother or sister and let them know that you will personally forward the mail, you can do this weekly if need be and it would really only cost a stamp or a dollar or two depending on how much they receive. They would be very appreciative and you can just send all  gathered mail in one folder or envelope. If it gets to costly or starts to hinder you, try to work with them for some sort of compensation.
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