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How to recover the money from tenant

My tenant has now been served the eviction by court, he will be moving out soon as per court order. I would like to know what's the process to recover your balance money from tenant. Judge has also ordered to recover the past due in her decision, but I am not sure how I will get that or tenant even care about it to return. Please share if you know the process or any website which is helpful in this case. FYI, my property is in California.

I would report them to a credit agency, or collection agency and recover your money!!!
Can you suggest some good names of collection agencies or credit agencies? Do they need the statement from the court for that as an official document?
Good luck!! I had tenants in Nevada that were problem tenants for 4 years. They would "hold over" every year when I would send them the lease renewal, not answering phone & messages. They would need "repairs" quite often; luckily, I have a home warranty protection plan to help me as I live in California. They were deceptive, lying, demanding, wanting the services of the Ritz- Carlton Hotel, and expecting to pay the rent as it was initially below "market- value". I was in the process of re-financing the loan on that property; I was notified by my loan officer that were 3 liens on our property. They had not paid for trash & recycling services for the last 3 years; that utility company did not send mail to us in California. They sent notices in our names & to the tenants at the rental address- the tenants threw away the "Delinquent Notices" addressed to us- so we never knew they had not paid for trash services. You would think that trash services would have been cancelled- but in Nevada, by law, utilities cannot be terminated- especially in a Del Webb senior housing development. A lien for more than $1,000 was put on our property without any notification.  That's when I got a landlords' rights attorney--$2,000 well spent in my opinion. I am satisfied & relieved that our tenants finally were" locked out" & the locks were changed at the same time. Yes, by law, we, landlords are entitled to seek re-payment of attorney fees, unpaid rent, property damages, etc.- but we have to PAY for that...... Collection agencies can try to pursue former tenants for unpaid fees. My son & room mates from 5 years ago, received notices from a collection agency to recover damages from the room mates leaving damages unpaid. My son was there to pay his portion- but the apartment managers would not accept his portion- unless everyone else paid too. My son got mail from a collection agency for 4 years demanding that he pay $$$- finally the collection agency offered a settlement that was $500 from my son, when the original amount demanded was to have been $2,000. We paid it on his behalf to clear his credit. The credit agency got 75% of that money after 5 YEARS!!! The apartment managers got only 25% from our son. I decided not to go the route of a collection agency because rarely will you get the monies owed to you & if you do get $$$, it will be significantly less that what your tenants owe you, & it will be a lengthy, aggravating experience for you, the landlord. I will be writing off whatever expenses that my CPA tax preparer advises me to do. He is a former IRS agent- so he knows what is legal. Good luck to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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