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Furnace Technician Costs - Mine or Tenants?

I appreciate anyone's help on this:  A new tenant moved into our rental home in July.  Later, she ordered a shipment of oil, for which she is required to pay on her own.  Later last month, she called to say that the furnace was not working properly.  I advised her that it was possible that the prior tenants may have let the oil tank run dry and someone should check to see if the pilot light may have gone out.  We agreed that she would have a technician check this, as neither of us is qualified to do that.  She did, and the pilot light had indeed gone out.  The technician restarted it, and charged her $85 of course.  She asked if I would reimburse her.  The only provision of the lease that covers it says that she is responsible for paying for her own heating oil.  However, it could be argued that the furnace was not in working order when she assumed possession of the premises.  Your thoughts on who is liable for the charge?  Thanks!
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I can't believe they charged that much to restart. On our rentals tank all you have to do is hold down a blinking button. WOW! I would just eat that charge since they do have a viable argument. What is 85 bucks anyway compared to attorney fees, and finding new tenants? (worst case scenario's) lol
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