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Driveway Addition

I currently home a home in Orlando, Florida that has two units on it. Currently the driveway is only for one of the units and the other unit has been using a parking spot across the street. That spot is no longer available and therefore I have to widen the driveway to make another spot for my tenants to park. One of the tenants, in the other unit,  is complaining because they are saying the driveway expansion is going to reduce the size of the yard they lease. I do not believe they have any say over this as their parking situation that was in outlined in the lease is not changing. Thoughts?
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WOW SOME TENANTS, THESE DAYS. Is the driveway extension cutting into their yard in any way? Is there a way to add a new driveway in a different area? I think if the situation is as it says in the lease,  you have no problems here.
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