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CA Property Management Question

My wife works with a guy who would like to do Property Management for people in his family.  Is he still required to hold a Real Estate Brokers License?  He would only be managing property for himself and his family.

No licensing is required if it is privately owned.
My renters are changing the locks on my house because they said I left the door unlocked and widows open after I and the workers left . I liked the door. They say they have proof I left after there house keeper left.  I find out that there so called house keeper has been living there.. and there are no pets aloud and I found a cat there cat box in garage have pics of everything. They send me a email stating that Amallia is indeed there house keeper and that my asumimg that she is living there aND they r subleasing the back room is another way I harassed them . And lie and I can't be trusted in there house. So to protect there family and there property they r changing the locks to the house . And they said I am not aloud to be on the property unless they r there. Of course this was there response to the unauthorized person /subleasing of the back bedroom.  And another violation notice about the dam cat. They didn't respond about the cat. In fact I just emailed them again asking them to please put in wrighting to me that the unauthorized cat has been removed by tomorrow so I don't have to send u a 3 day notice. So I was there cleaning my heater filters it's a heppa filtration system needs to be kept up with yearly. And there so called house keeper is there just doing things dishes laundry so I was talking to her. And I was video taping the ceiling fan while she was opening the window that was left open plus while I had the camera rolling.  I said so do u stay in this room.. she said oh no ... I said oh you stay in the back room she said on video YES I STAY IN THE BACK ROOM THIS IS THE BABY'S ROOM. So this would explain why my renters were acting so wierd about me coming to the property to do needed repairs with a 24 hour notice. The cat and the lease out room. I cant afford for them to move out they pay the rent on time I have been raising the rent a bit at a time. I'm just tire of this sh...t.. they live in my 3 bedroom house huge backyard and front yard all new granite just all new kitchen whole house in Morgan Hill CA .. YOU CANT GET A 1 BEDROOM 1 BATH IN MORGAN HILL FOR $2200 A MONTH ..     I HAVE BEEN WANTING TO RAISE THE RENT TO MARKET VALUE FOR SO LONG I HAVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE MONEY ON MY HOUSE.  A 3 bedroom 2 full bath in Morgan hill ca goes for $2900 a month they are on a 6 month lease and it says yhat yhe lease ends at the end of there lease. They only paid $1900 since 2011 I just upped it last 2 years to $2290. Now they r going to pay market value I'm tired of being broke . Change my locks on my house really.  My mom has heart surgery on teusday then she was diagnosed with colon cancer I can't deal with these people and I need to pay my Morgage.and make money . I just keep documenting all the violations and try to get by. There lease ends next March 31st . So knew lease at $2690 60 day notice of change take it or move out :(
There are a lot of private landlords, who manage their property without real estate agents and who don’t have broker license. He can run a proper tenants screening of each applicant and sign the lease with tenant by himself. The verification of tenant should include credit and background checks and references from past landlords.
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