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trying to replace carpeting but having trouble with tenant

Hi Hoping someone has an answer or suggestion. I own a home that was left to me by my parents. It's a 2 family. My daughter lives in the apartment that my parents lived in and we have a tenant living in the 2nd unit. Recently we had a problem with bugs. The tenant is not that clean.  She has been spoken to about this a few times. Keep the apartment clean. So now the problem. because of the problem with the bugs I decided to remove the wall to wall carpeting. The carpet has been there for at least 30 years. I told the tenant of my intentions. Nothing was said. When I called her to arrange for someone to go to the apartment and measure she started to make excuses not to let anyone in. I asked what the problem was. She mentioned her situation which I understand, she's waiting for her SSI to kick in. I told her that her situation had nothing to do with this because I was paying for the new floors. She was not expected to pay for anything. Then she mentions who will move the furniture. Again I told her no problem the people who are doing the floor are going to do this. Next she said "Well I don't know. I worry about the furnace because I don't want you spending money on floors in case the furnace goes" Again I tell her this is not her problem. Finally I ask her if she prefers the carpeting to the bare floors. She said she prefers the carpeting. Well then you have to keep them clean I tell her. She doesn't have a vacuum, she said she uses a "rake". We are in New York. Can I demand that she allow me entrance to do this work?? The carpeting must come up because not only the bugs but the age of the rugs. Thank you for any assistance. Angie
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This is awful! I was done when you said she uses a rake!? Why would that help clean the carpet in any way? I would get the work done you need and then sign some type of amendment that will require her to keep up with the cleaning of the new carpetting. You gave her the option to have hard floors over carpet. Good luck!
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