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Electronic Rent Collection

Can anyone reccomend a good site to use for electronic rent collection? There seems to be a lot out there. Just lookng for some guidence.   Thanks

I highly suggest paypal or just using zelle or something like that, that is already attached to most bank accounts. Paypal is the best because i can keep track of everything very easily.
Thank you very much. I will look into it.
We use QuickBooks... I create an invoice and email to all tenants. They have the option to pay by bank account or credit card (if you choose this option).   I choose the option for a rental invoice to get sent every month automatically, which relieves me from having to create a new invoice every time.   I also accept rental payments via venmo (which is virtually like cash) and record that in QB as cash.   I prefer for tenants to pay  me directly through QB as it automatically syncs to my bank account but many of my tenants are on the younger side and prefer venmo.
I really like "Cozy". very versatile and there is no fee for LL or tenant if you use bank drafts. check itout.  Rick
I've used eRentPayments for the past five years.  It's worked great.
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