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Taking Over Management of Rentals for Incapacitated Family Member

My Grandmother has recently been diagnosed with Dementia.  As family, we are needing to take over all rental properties she has.  Since she lives on the premises, we want to request that the tenants do not submit any payments to her, or bother her with any repairs needed as we are not sure she will remember.  We have had issues with one of the tenants in the past due to non-payment and have even taken them to court over the issue.  The current "leases" on the properties are a piece of paper with a rent amount, date due, and both my Deceased Grandfather and Grandmother as landlords listed.  One of these so called "leases" dates back to 1989.     Other than just updating the tenants to the new Property Mangers, my parents, and executing new month-to-month leases, is there anything else we need to do?  Our fear is that our trouble tenant will go and pay my grandmother and she will forget and not document anything putting us in a bind.
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Switch over the management and make sure you send notices to all tenants of the new landlord information and how to pay rent. Even add that no payments can be made to your grandmother.
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