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Late rent fee..

My tenants rent was due on the 1st, there is a 3 day grace period I allow. I spoke with her last night through text and she said she would drop it off tonight, so if she doesn’t, when would I apply a late rent or after the grace period? Also, should I send out a late notice tmrw or after the grace period? I’ve seen so many conflicting things in this. Next lease will not allow a grace period! Thanks so much

If you have a three day grace period.  The late fee should be added if not payed by midnight on the forth.  Due on the first,  the 2nd is day 1 of the grace period,  3rd is day 2,  and the 4th is day 3.    Send the late notice/ pay or quit on the fifth.
I combine the two notices together.  Here in TN we have a five day grace period.  If the rent is not paid by the 6th, they will receive a notice to pay or quit which includes the late fee.
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