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Water Leaks Not reported Are they responsible for the damage?

Texas property.  Our tenants never reported water leaks in the laundry room or under the kitchen sink.   We have an entire wall and floor in the laundry room that needs to be removed and repaired.    Under the kitchen sink the cabinet is ruined and the water leaked into the living room and damaged that wall and the carpet is stained and mildewed.   Are they legally responsible for the cost to repair for not reporting the problems to us?
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Possibly.  If the tenants knew about the leaks but failed to report them, it might be considered negligence or neglect.  Review your lease to see if they are responsible for damages caused by negligence or neglect.  It sounds like the property damages are severe and extensive, so I'm thinking your tenants knew about but ignored the problem.  My vote is that they are responsible, but good luck getting anything out of them.
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