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Scope of inspections - cabinets & drawers

When inspecting rental properties, is it reasonable to look inside kitchen & bathroom cabinets?  It seems to me that doing so would be required to inspect under sink plumbing for leaks and/or mold.  However, what about other cabinets?  Is checking proper operation of hinges and drawer glides a valid inspection action?  What if in so doing, evidence of illegal activity is observed?

Don't be ridiculous.  Just check the sink cabinets for leaks.  Don't go through all your tenants stuff snooping.  If you do run across something illegal you can: tell the tenant to stop it and remedy the situation, you can call the police,  or you can ignore it.
I don't think checking "proper operation of hinges and drawer glides"  is worth the risk of being accused of theft or improperly searching the property.  When I inspect a property it's for major issues,  leaking,  floor settling,  are they smoking, is it reasonably clean, etc.  If they break a cabinet hinge and don't tell me it'll be dealt with when they move out.
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