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Certified mail...

Hello, 2 questions in GA: -I know it's good practice to always send important mail certified to tenants but does a routine friendly reminder need to be certified also?   -Is it possible to hire a rental management company when the lease is already signed? I was independent and am now thinking better of it...  Thanks

1)  It depends on what the friendly reminder is for.  I always send certified when it has to do with rent, rent increases, lease renewals and non-renewals, evictions, and anything to do with money - like late fees, repair fees, damages, etc.  2)  I personally had a horrible experience with a management company and would never use one again.  However, you would have to ask the particular company that you're considering if they'd manage a property already leased out.  The company I dealt with would manage such a property, but their fees were more expensive.
its seems certified mail is best way to cya, the more the better, even non money related notices because it comes down to proof of what you did if you go to court.   My question is, is a read-receipt from a sent ezforms doc equivalent to certified mail? it seems that it would count since you can prove they read it.  Are there any property managers who have confirmed wether this would be accepted in court?
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