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pet deposits

How do you handle pet deposits?  We are about to lock on our 3rd set of renters for our property.  Given our location, our renters are active duty military and we are not income property landlords and have no desire to nickel and dime our military families who already incur great expenses with every move they make.  We currently require 1 months rent as a deposit at lease signing and have required a separate pet deposit.  First tenants had 2 dogs and one chewed some wood so we took it out their deposit and they were fine with it. One adult worked from home and the spouse worked close by....and we still had pet damage.  Second renters had no pets and third renters, who we've yet to sign have two small dogs.  Both adults work and will be away from the home all day during the week not working close by.  I sense these dogs are very pampered and roam wherever their humans are having free reign of the house even in their absence.  Because our first and only experience with pet owners led to damage I am know pondering charging a pet deposit if we sign these renters.    Just not sure about the best way to go about it.  Is it refundable?  they have 2 dogs, so do I charge for each dog or a flat rate?    Damage to the house is damage to the any damage pet inflicted or not could come out of their regular deposit I suppose, but is the better route to charge a separate pet deposit.  I require the tenants to clean the carpets and provide a receipt and do a thorough cleaning either themselves or by a professional so if I charge a pet deposit...what would I use it for?  I guess for me a deposit is a deposit, and I am looking for insight into how those that charge a pet deposit handle it, explain it and what criteria do you use to keep it at lease termination?    Thanks!
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