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work order

when a tenant needs repair done is there a form to fill out what needs to be done I understand in the state of arizona if a work order is not completed Landlord by law has not been notified
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Yes in order for the tenant to make a deduction for certain repairs allowed by law and critical to the safety and health of the occupants, they must send you a letter certified demanding the repairs and then you have so long to do the repairs or they can withhold rent to pay for repairs such as an AC, leaking roof, etc.  Although tenant repairs under normal circumstances are a verbal request to an owner or property management. You then need to respond accordingly as that is part of your rental agreement to keep the property in good repair. In the case of Property management, their staff fills out a repair order for their maintenance dept. to follow up with. Failure of the property management does not protect you from any liability (read your agreement with them).
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