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lease signing

Hello,  I am in the sate of California, Should I have all tenants overt the age 18 sign the lease agreement?  Thank you

We usually have the people who will be financially responsible for paying the rent sign the lease. All tenants and occupants over 18 yo must complete a criminal background check. Tenants and occupants are listed by name as such on the lease. If an 18 yo is a dependent and attending school, lets say, they could not sign a lease with no income. Renters insurance and liability would be something you might consider though. Not a lawyer.
Initially I screened and decided to Lease Lionel Hunter. But he works away in FL. while his family lives here in Hampton, GA. Since Lionel wasn't there to sign the lease, his wife Tekela Hunter sign the lease. I did add Tekela as a leaser in lease. Is this a valid lease?
You have a lease with Tekela Hunter. Have Lionel sign as soon as possible.
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