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excess water consumption

I rent some townhomes and the water bill is included up to 50.00 lately the past several months they keep going over. Last month it was by 17.00 I sent an email letting them know that I would pay it this time but if I get 1 more bill that is over I was gonna put in the tenant's name. Would you do that or would you just keep sending them the overage and make them pay it? And when I have done that they don't pay it by the deadline either. So I don't know what to do. It is time for renewals to be sent out this week also. Should I just make the tenants all tenants start paying there own water bill? Thank you for your advice on this matter.

I always have the tenant put all utilities in their name.  If its in your lease I'd wait until the lease is up and in the new lease have them put it in their name.  For now when they are over I'd just tell them to include the overage with the next rent payment.
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