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Tenant notice of who is doing repair

I have this lady who's faucet broke so I scheduled a guy to come fix it that evening.  She called about an hour before he was to come and wanted to change days she had something to do.  We rescheduled to Saturday about 2 and the guys truck broke down.  I sent her a message his truck broke and he was trying to fix it when he got his truck fixed he would be there  later that day.  He went when he got a way with a guy that helps him and she wasn't home.  She found out he stopped and was furious because he didn't call her and that I had not told her there was another guy with him.  She is furious that there was a guy that she was not made aware of that was with him and wanted know his name and said I have to notify her of all the names of the people the repair men bring..  I didn't know if he was bringing anyone or not.  Do I have to tell them the repair people they are bringing with them?  I just call for the repair and leave it up to them to do whatever they need too.
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It's responsibility of property owner or property manager. Repair responsibility within a tenancy contract, One of the major issues relating to the renting of property is that of maintenance & repair regarding the tenancy agreement. [url=] Property Management [/url]
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