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dogs and poisonous plants...who should stay

I have an old Sago Palm, probably 25 years old, my new tenant has requested it's removal since if consumed it could kill his dog. We have leash laws in the area, the palm is not in the walkway.  I've offered to put a chicken wire fence around it, tenant suggested pouring kerosene on it. What are my responsibilities and my liability when leasing to tenants with pets.

I would think the Palm was there before the tenant moved in.  It would be their job to see the plant and keep their animal away from it.  Just watch out that it sounds like the tenant might self help and kill the plant on their own.
Hello,  The tenant is 100% SOLELY responsible for the actions of their pet(s) while on the leased premises, not the other way around. In this case, tenant has threatened to destroy your property in response to you offering to fence the tree.   If it was me as the landlord, I would say this "When your lease ends, that tree will still be there and growing however only one of the next 3 statements will be true; 1. This issue is settled 2. I'm issuing you a new lease that forbids pets or 3. I will not renew. Tenant, the choice is yours."  Good Luck
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