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Abandoned Property

My brother and I inhereited property from our step dad in a warranty deed.  This property has two mobile homes well over 10 years of age on the property.  After the death the two mobile home titles were not surrendered to us.  We were under the impression that sinced both homes are affixed to the property with no tires and axles or tongues that they were considered improvements to the land.  We have placed the property up for sale and now have a buyer.  After five years the step-daughter has stepped up to make us aware she holds the titles which are in the mothers name. She is demanding $10,000 dollars for the homes. Her ownership was not knowledge to us and in the last five years no claim has been made on the homes.  We were considering offering them $500.00 each if the property sold. Both homes are in very bad repair and will be costly to move. Mobile home lots five miles from us are being rented for 350.00 a month ( we verified by phone). Two of our children have been leasing the mobile homes from us for 500.00 a month but is only known by word of  mouth, no paper trail.  Is there a solution to this situation.  Jeanette Erwin.
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