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Landlord Listed in Lease

Hi there,  I am currently serving as a property manager for my mom's townhouse, of which I live right down the street from the property. My mom lives in another state, so I collect the rent checks for her and take care of any maintenance needs for the townhouse. I am putting the lease together for the new 12-month term and currently have my mom listed as the owner and me as the "Agent" or "Landlord" so I can continue to accept payments and can sign for any work needing done on the townhouse.   My mom no longer wants me listed on the lease because if the tenants ever decide to sue, they could only sue her since my name wouldn't be in any official documents for the townhouse. Is this true? Or by collecting a rent check am I still an "Agent" of the whole situation? I'm just not sure which will better protect me legally but also allow me to continue to take care of the property for her. Thanks for your insight!

If your worried about liability you should look at getting a LLC or a real estate trust to put the townhome under.   It would also protect your Mom from a big lawsuit.
Leave your name off per your mom's wish and have her issue you a Power of Attorney for the residence.  Good Luck
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