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allowing dogs / deposit

hello i have a tenant moving in with two inside quiet dogs. i normally down allow pets so i am wondering what to do with the deposit portion. do i have a non refundable portion for pet? or just the regular deposit that states the deposit will be given in full if no damage takes place? what about cover ing myself for the proper cleaning when they move out and possible cost?
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I prefer to charge a $50 a month pet fee.  That way the fee is collected for the whole time they rent from you.  If she's there 5 years that's an extra $3000.  If you charge a pet deposit it's generally $500 that gets refunded or a fee that you keep but still usually $500.    Deposits are refundable,  fees you keep.    As far as cleaning when they move out you just use the regular deposit,  if costs exceed the deposit you send them a bill,  if they don't pay you sue them same as any other tenant.   Specify in the lease that they are responsible to have the carpets professionally cleaned upon move-out.
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