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I have a young tenant that is so needy.  Every hiccup or issue she messages at any time of day or night.   Her stove would make a puffing noise when she turned it on.  (it is a gas stove and she never had one or used one before).  She was totally convinced something was wrong with it and wanted me to have someone come look at it.  Then she wanted me to install a CO detector.  I did both and then she stopped complaining.  Then her tub clogged- her hair  and too much body wax.  Again I had to drop everything and go unclog it for her.   The end of the world came for her when her dishwasher quit.  In the bottom I found broken glass, other items and food.  The pump gave out.  So I told her she had to wait until I could find someone to install a new one.  She went into melt down and said she wouldn't pay rent for the days she didn't have a dishwasher.  I calmly told her she signed a rental agreement that doesn't allow her to quit paying rent because she has to wait for a new dishwasher.  She didn't reply back but I had a new dishwasher in for her within two weeks.  However when I went in her apartment when they came to put the new one in she had the old one totally full of every dish she owned and they were all dirty.  She seemed to have no idea what to do with them.  Finally just Sunday night she messaged me at 12:30 am and said she saw a mouse.  I didn't reply at the time and she sent another message in the morning that says she will be staying with her parents because it was a HUGE rodent in the apartment (it has grown in size I guess) and she won't return until I have taken care of the problem.  And of course- she won't pay rent since she is not there.   Where do I draw the line?  I totally understand that I am the landlord and I need to take care of the place, but where does any of her responsibility enter in?  She clogged the tub, she burnt out the dishwasher, nothing was wrong with the stove, and now- in the country- in the spring there is a mouse.  NOT unusual - but I understand- who wants a mouse in their place.  However, every issue is met with her not wanting to pay rent or making threats to, and then it has to be taken care of IMMEDIATELY - not one day can she wait- as if I have NOTHING else going on.  Just wondered what anyone else thinks or if you have had to deal with this type of thing.
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