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Refrigerator Light Bulb and Water Filter

Hello,  Almost six weeks ago I rented out a small Single Family Residence to a young couple.  They let me know that a light bulb went out in the refrigerator, and also the refrigerator needs a new water filter.  They are requesting that both items be replaced.  I told them my policy is not to replace light bulbs and filters once the property is occupied.  The tenant referred to Section 13, Part A that says "Landlord will supply and maintain the Refrigerator and other systems.  He also said that Part E of the Lease Addendum specifies that all appliances are brand new.  He is saying it is very strange for a brand new appliance to need these items.  The appliances are high end and they are two years old - I never represented the appliances as being brand new.  I told the new tenants that the appliances were two years old.    Can any help me with this??  I have been a Property Manager for 20 years and have never replaced light bulbs and water filters during someone's tenancy.  Sincerely, Michael in San Jose, CA
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Does part E say the appliances are brand new? If so you made a mistake replace the filter and light bulb.
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