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Landlords - best way to automate rent payments?

Hello!  I've recently moved into a new place and live next to my landlady, who is a lovely, decent woman. I'm looking for an automated way to pay my rent everything month so I don't even have to think about it. It's up to me because she's not very tech savvy.  My previous landlord was a corporate giant that did ACH, but all I did was hand over a voided check, sign a form, and they did the rest. In my current situation, I wouldn't even know how to set that up, let alone my landlady. Is there some kind of convenient option/service that would allow me to automate my rent payments safely? Ideally, I'd like something that doesn't charge my landlady anything, or a lot, or delay her money by too long.  I've done some online searching, but have yet to hit the bullseye. Thanks so much for any insight!

Hello Jonah,  You can use several ways to send rent payments. You can deposit it into her bank account, send it through an electronic site that allows rent payments like rent cafe, or you can do PayPal or another form of EFT. We are also going to be offering rent payments soon through ezlandordforms very soon.
I've had my tenants set up on the Cozy app - which is now owned by It's got a lot of great features for both parties
Has anyone ever used Experian  to help tenants build their credit while reporting their rental payments?
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