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Good morning,  I have a question in regards to a tenant situation. I am having trouble with my tenant responding to me when I reach out to him in regards to matters pertaining to the property. Most recently I reached out to him at the beginning of august and let him know by sept. 1st when I pick up the rent I need an updated copy of his renters insurance. He pays it monthly and I had trouble with him keeping up with it the past, so now ever couple of months I give him a month notice and ask for a copy when I pick up the rent. He emailed it to me a few days after the first. I told him in person and via text that I was not able to open the link and to please send it again. I have still not received it.  All of this to say, is there any sort of addendum or a way to update his rental agreement stating that failure to respond to landlord in a timely fashion, ie 48 hours, then its a breach of the contract? I'm thinking I should start with a 3 day preform or quit form in regards to violating the rental agreement and not showing proof of updated copy of renters insurance. I have spoken with him several times of the last couple of years in regards to communication but in the last 3-4 months it has gotten significantly worse. I appreciate your help and guidance in this matter.  Thank you
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