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Im a landlord an had a question. Another property near mine is being rented out drom a company that owns several rentals an registered.How do i report them if they are renting to illegals,violationg codes laws,an not keeping their property in sufficient condition? Also too many living there an he knows it all .Codes has written a ABATE letter...but Who manages him as a realtor an oversees that he does not violate certain laws for liscensed realtors that have a rental company they run   Its in Tn Nashville
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To report a rental property in Nashville, TN, that you suspect is violating codes and laws, you can contact the Metropolitan Nashville Department of Codes and Building Safety. You can file a complaint online through their website or call their office to report the issue.

Here are the steps you can take to file a complaint:

Visit the Department of Codes and Building Safety's website at

Fill out the complaint form with all the necessary details, including the property's address and the specific violations you have observed.

Submit the complaint form online.

Alternatively, you can call the Department of Codes and Building Safety at (615) 862-6590 and provide them with the same information. They will ask for your name and contact information so they can follow up with you.

It's important to note that you cannot report someone as an illegal immigrant. Instead, focus on reporting specific violations of codes and laws that you have observed. The Department of Codes and Building Safety will investigate your complaint and take appropriate action if necessary.

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