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unpaid rent- tenants husband died and daughter in hospital

Hello- Recently my tenant's husband died in a car crash and her daughter is in a coma.  The hospital bills are building and the tenant received a $31k charitable payment from GoFundMe. What is the best way to approach empathetically but also not let her problems manifest into unpaid rent?
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It is important to approach this situation with empathy and understanding, while also ensuring that your tenant fulfills their financial obligations regarding rent. Here are some steps you can take:

1. Reach out to your tenant and offer your condolences. Let them know that you are aware of their situation and that you are there to support them as best you can.

2. Review the lease agreement with your tenant and remind them of their obligations regarding rent payments. Be clear and direct, but also compassionate in your communication.

3. Offer to work with your tenant to come up with a payment plan that works for both of you. This may include a temporary reduction in rent or an extended due date for rent payments.

4. Provide your tenant with resources and information about financial assistance programs, such as rental assistance or emergency funds for medical expenses. This may help to alleviate some of the financial burden they are facing.

5. Keep the lines of communication open and check in with your tenant regularly to see how they are doing. This will help to build trust and ensure that any issues are addressed before they escalate.

It is important to approach this situation with compassion and understanding, while also being clear and direct about your expectations regarding rent payments. By working together with your tenant, you can find a solution that meets both of your needs and ensures a positive outcome for everyone involved.

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