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Deceased tenants family will not get her property.  Been 3 months

I had a tenant that was living in a house when I bought it.  I had known her for years and had taken care of the property before I bought it.  She lived there 18 years when she died.  I know her family and I gave them 2 months to get her belongings.  It has been over 3 months.  There is still a truck and a storage building as well as odds and ends they havent gotten they got what they wanted out of the house and left the rest.  We agreed in person and in a text to 2 months.  What do I do now that they won't remove their property?

I think you should go and talk to them again if they still do not listen to you then you should take action and then sell those things.
Once tenants are out anything left is considered abandoned. Just get rid of stuff anyway possible. The truck is more difficult situation. You need  pink slip from relatives to sell or donate. Some people cannot deal with pain of removing  deceased relative's belongings. Good luck.
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