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Property inspection during Covid-19

We had a family move into our rental property in Colorado mid-May during the height of the corona pandemic.  They agreed to the terms of the lease which state an inspection after 3-months and every 6-months thereafter.  When the 3-month inspection period came up we notified them a week prior and confirmed masks would be worn and shoes would be removed before entering the home as requested.  Then on the day of inspection they called and asked if we could do a virtual-walk through instead...they would live stream a walk-through via Skype.  The garage and rest of the yard could be viewed physically.  They were concerned about corona virus and the health and safety of their 3 young kids.  However, a month prior we were notified by the tenants the garbage disposal was leaking.  We came to the property the next day and entered the home with a mask and shoes removed.  Upon inspection it was decided to replace the unit.  After 2 trips to the hardware store the unit was installed and ready for use.  Although no other members, except one, were present, no concern was expressed.  We have decided to hold off on the inspection for now, given their concern but I would like to know how best to manage this or if a physical inspection is enforceable as noted in the lease?

An inspection helps to reveal any necessary problems before making a huge investment -It assures you that you made the right buying decision -It offers vital details of your new property -It helps reduce the risk of surprises in the future -It enables you to negotiate properly with the seller  For inspection in this pandemic with full safety visit-
Thanks for this thread. My friend was looking for related information. This helps.
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