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Construction rent relief?

I rent a 4000 sq ft house to a family.  Husband works from the house.  We are replacing the roof, several windows, all the wood siding and front walkway due to hail damage.  We have a great relationship, they are excellent tenants that have signed a multi-year lease.  Rent automatic and always on time.  The work is one month in, it was supposed to be completed in 3 weeks, and there is likely a month to go including painting inside and out.  The tenants have asked me to consider rent relief.  No demands, just a cordial request.  Is there precedent for this situation?  Thanks!!
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Sure. Always ask them what type of relief they think is fair. You'd be surprised what a low-ball offer they might make. I did a re-paving of the driveway - tenants had to park on the street for three days and gripped. When I asked what was fair, all they settled for was a twenty dollar gift certificate to the grocery store at the end of the block. For good tenants, no brainer!
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