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Renter Gets Own Appliance - Options for Landlord?

Hello all.  I have a single family rental home that includes all appliances (except the microwave).  My current tenant has recently received a gift of a new washing machine, and asked me where to have the old one delivered for storage.  I'm unsure of what options are available and wanted some feedback from anyone who's experienced.  From what I understand, I could do any variation of the following:  - Store the machine at my own house (except that I don't have the room) - Sell the machine (if I can, worried that it's a hard sell without a dryer, and it's old enough that I'd expect $80-120) - Store the machine at a storage unit (charge to renter, to which they likely won't agree as it's coming out to $88/month, plus tax) - Recycle the machine (maybe I can get a donation deduction, but then write it off on my assets for the property - trouble with this option is that if the renter changes, then I likely either need to find a new renter with their own W/D or replace the W...and maybe the D too)  Of course, I will be updating my lease to show that the renter is responsible for their appliance and it must be removed upon move out.  Any thoughts/preferences?  Many thanks ahead of time!
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Tell the tenant that they would have to cover storage fees.
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