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service dog

I had a tenant recently move in and his fiance is listed as an occupant on the lease. He is the only tenant listed. A week or two later his fiance mentioned she had a service dog and sent over her letter she got from the doctor. The tenant did not request or notify me of his fiance's dog. I need to send an addendum for tenant to sign accepting additional liability for any damage the dog causes while residing there but only see a pet addendum. This is not technically a "pet" but since it's not the tenants dog, do we even have to accept the animal? especially since neither of them mentioned a dog.   I have no issues accepting the dog since its a shorter term lease of 8 months but due to the amount of damage a pet can potentially cause, I need help figuring out where to find an addendum for him to sign and how to word it without getting in trouble with fair housing.. thanks for any and all input!
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