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Missing packages from the main lobby

For the last 5 to 6 months have been receiving so many complaints about missing or damaged packages (without contents) from the tenants, The main doors autolocks and require a pin for any tenant to get in, so not sure whether anyone is coming from outside or a specific tenant(s) are stealing these packages. Planning to install cameras in the lobby and two other entrances to the building, Not sure whether this will fix the issue or not, how are other landlords handling these kind of issues.

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Installing cameras in the lobby and entrances is a good step towards addressing the issue of missing or damaged packages. This will help you identify who is responsible for the theft and take appropriate action. However, there are other measures you can take to address the issue:

1. Communication: Communicate with your tenants to let them know that you are aware of the issue and that you are taking steps to address it. Ask them to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity they may notice.

2. Provide secure storage: Consider providing secure storage options for your tenants' packages, such as lockers or a package room with a lock.

3. Require signature confirmation: Require signature confirmation for all package deliveries, so that the packages are only released to the intended recipient.

4. Hire a security company: Consider hiring a security company to patrol the building and monitor the entrances and exits.

5. Enforce penalties: Make it clear to your tenants that stealing packages is a serious offense and that you will enforce penalties, such as fines or eviction, for anyone caught stealing.

It's important to take action quickly to address this issue, as it can impact your tenants' safety and satisfaction with the building. By taking a proactive approach and implementing multiple solutions, you can help ensure the safety and security of your tenants' packages.

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