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Should we continue new recent lease with new tenant

Hi ,

Need suggestions on how to resolve a tenant/landlord issues

Recently an applicant inquired about a unit I had vacant.. I responded to the applicant and asked when they would like to see the unit.

Now, I live out of state and have a property manager update, and fix repairs to the unit.  Before allowing them to see the place, the property manager shared the unit is available to see in good condition.  

The applicant scheduled the appointment and saw the unit.  They came to me that they are interested and would like to submit a rental application.

 Both application was submitted and everything came back somewhat okay/.  The income was the best but the rental history was not good. I received their employer verification letter with company letterhead, along with good references from their employer.

Moving forward, I shared with the new tenants  I didn't want to rent out the place until I get minor issues with the windows fix.   They asked if they can move in before the holidays paying Dec pro-rated rent, security deposit, and January's rent.

Everything was all good and the tenants were excited about moving in last Saturday.  Today, the day after Christmas I  received a very 2 text long message along with videos and pictures saying they see dead and alive roaches in brand-new kitchen cabinets.  Both tenants' stuff was in storage for over 6-9 months and they were living with other people prior to moving in.  As a landlord, we are responsible for managing pest control for the units Before they moved in the property manager confirmed there was no pest in the unit.  In addition, the tenant upstairs shared with me had no pest isses in their unit. in the unit.   

As of now, I have reached out to have an exterminator scheduled to visit the unit tomorrow.   


I shared with the tenant that if this is an issue and they are not happy, I will be willing to refund all the money back. Would it be good practice to continue the lease agreement?  What form should I provide the tenant if we no longer want to rent our unit to them?

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It's crucial to address the roach issue promptly and thoroughly. Despite prior assurances, pests can emerge unexpectedly. Offering a refund demonstrates goodwill, but if the problem persists, it may be wise to terminate the lease agreement. Provide a Notice of Lease Termination, outlining the reason and refund details. Prioritize communication and cooperation to resolve the situation amicably.

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