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Tenant causing unpleasant odor

I own a duplex, live in one side and use the other unit for a rental.  My M2M rental agreement covers as many aggravation and/or nuisance issues as I can think of.  Unfortunately, it looks like I may have missed one.  

Due to the close proximity of my unit and my neighbors' homes, I have found it necessary to limit outdoor cooking exclusively to the use of gas grills.  Any appliance that causes smoke, such as charcoal grills, food smokers, and wood burning fire pits, are expressly prohibited in the rental agreement. 


My tenant was specifically made aware of this requirement prior to signing the rental contract.  A week or two ago, I began noticing an odd odor in my unit, and when I went over to mow the lawn, there was an electric food smoker on the patio.  Today, the smell of smoking fish is permeating my home.  

We live in a cool coastal climate, and the roof attics are built with open vents.  The coastal wind blows any kind of smoke and odors into the attic, where it collects and disperses into the units through the ceiling light fixtures.

Does anyone have any kind of clause in their rental agreement, or know of any kind of written stipulation that addresses the issue of odors passing from one unit into another, or into a neighbor's home?  I'm pretty sure this is probably a situation that could also occur with cigarette or marijuana smoke. 

Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

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