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Prior owners lease of washer and dryer

I have recently purchased a home which is being rented out as a group home.The previous owner rented it as a group home as well. When I arrived, there was a coin operated washer & dryer in the home. I called the vendor and asked them to remove it. They have refused to do so stating they had a 2 year contract with the previous owner which included a provision stating the lease with remain in effect in the event of sale of property.  My real estate contract contained no proviso stipulating I was to assume prior leases. the sales rep is quite arrogant and demanding that I reinstall their machines (they've never been removed) or pay him $2,700., the amount he figures they would have made until the contract expires in January.  He claims they have tenant rights to the laundry rooms just as the tenants had rights to their apartments.  I pointed out its a home, no apartments or laundry rooms. His response was to demand payment and maintain I have no right to use another vendor.  HELP

It's your property, you didn't sign any contract. I would insist that it be removed from your property, or stick it in the corner and put an out of order sign on it, ha ha. They won't want a machine there if it's not making money. I would also tell your RE agent. They should be able to assist with this problem and if they do not remove it, your RE agent will know the next course of action.
Demand a copy of the lease. It must be in writing. If they have one, I would keep the w/d in place. Then you might be able to go after the previous owner for $2,700. The amount of money you expected to earn from your own coin operated washers & dryers. Also, get in writing the amount the Bully claims he'll be losing. This will be needed if you take the previous owner to court. Good luck.
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