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smoke detectors

I recently discovered renters had removed the batteries in their smoke alarms. How should I handle this?

This is a difficult situation. I have had tenants do the same thing. I went two different routes, because I knew they would contnue to remove the batteries. First, I switched some units over to lifetime battery units, where the battery cannot be removed. The marginally more expensive detectors quickly paid for themselves in aggravation! Secondly, in a newer unit, I had the detectors hard-wired into the electric system. Again, the expense pays for itself!
There are tamper proof smoke detectors out there. The other option is to hardwire. Unfortunately - if a tenant wants to destruct, a tenant is going to destruct. I include in my lease that tenant may not tamper with any smoke detector or fire prevention equipment.
or force them to carry and prove that they carry your fire insurance!
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