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Evectioon without a lease

How can I eveict a "friend" who was living in one of our rentals, but we never signed a lease.  He has consintaly been late on his evey minimal amount of rent. Te house is for sale and part of the agreement was to allow showings.  He has not allowed that.  I have someone who wants to rent it at the going rate but the present tenants will not leave.  We gave them a 30 day verbal notice to move but they are refusing to move.  I live in Michigan.  I pay the utilities.  Can I legally turn them off?

Hello, Denise. This sounds like a very challenging situation, and obviously is extra difficult without a lease. There are, however, still many options for you. First, I would suggest contacting your local small claims court and seeing what forms they may have for you to file an eviction notice. I would not suggest turning off the utilities until you obtained a court order to do so. Hope this is a good start!  Jim
we were invited to live with my father in law,he wanted someone here with him because he is 72 and didnt want to be alone,so we sold our house to move in with him,payed 800.00 a month plus all the groceries and necessities,now out of the blue,he hans me a letter to vacate the property in three days,what kind of rights do we have,obviously we dont have cash money to run out and find another place,but his daughter moved back here from michigan because she got divorced,and he wants her to move in now and kicked us we have any rights?
Family situations are always difficult but one always has certain rights. If you have paid monthly and have proof, then under most state law it is considered a Lease or rental arrangement. If that be the case, your father-in-law would have to take the necessary legal procdures to have you removed. I think I would discuss with him a period of time you would need to gather the funds to move on your own rather than bringing the law into it.
Room-mates from HELL: I live in Florida and have been renting a house for the past 7 years with a lease in good standing. I allowed two people (a couple) to move in about 9 months ago with no type of rental/lease agreement. Situation has gone from bad to worse. In addition to not paying their share of utilities, they now have brought legal problems to my home. A search / arrest warrant was issued for the male room-mate and my house was completely trashed by the S.W.A.T. Team he was arrested, but is out on bond. The problems are too numerous to mention. PLEASE HELP!!!
I want to move back into my home but, I'm having a hard time getting my tennant to move out after I have given her a 30 day notice. What can I do?
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