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Tenants gone bad

I have a married couple w/two children renting from me.  They wrote some bad checks.  After confronting them, I decided not to turn them over to the police; and they signed a written payment agreement.  Two months later, they have missed two payments, and are not returning calls.  They owe about two months rent.  Other than starting the eviction process, any ideas about how to deal with them?  They are from out of state, but the husband has a job with a national grocery chain.  Bsusan, VA

It is challenging to deal with such tenants. I would meet with them and determine if they have any sincerity here. If they don't seem to, you would have to start the eviction process. If they do seem to want to work it through, check for any alternatives in your lease.
Thanks for your response.  Unfortunately, they won't return my calls, and I have resisted the temptation to visit the husband at his job.  I was wondering if anyone had any strategy for getting them to come out in the open.  The situation gets more complicated, though.  One of the provisions of the agreement was that the husband would seek two months rental assistance from his employer, and asked me to write a letter addressed to his employer and give the letter to him.  This is one of the items I have wanted to ask my tenants, but since they refuse to call me back, I can only conclude that they either did not get the assistance, or they did and used it for themselves.  Unfortunately, I have apparently lost the ability to prosecute them because I made payment arrangements with them.
I would strongly suggest seeking an attorney's advice. By taking matters in your own hands, the process may get worst and end up costing you much more in aggravation and financially. It also seems that you may have a fraudulant check situation which may also be an avenue to seek. Good luck and I hope things get better for you soon.
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