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Late rent advice

I have a tennant whom I did not receive rent from on time so I sent notice and gave it a few days. . .still no rent.  I placed a call and was told that it was mailed three days previous.  When the check was received, the envelope was postmarked just the day before and only half the rent was included.  There was a letter stating a problem with a paycheck and the balance would not be available until towards the end of the month.  Should I pursue this, or let them pay late since it is a first offense?

What is the history of that tenant? Any prior problems or other issues?
This is the first issue with rent, their rent is never paid by the first of the month but within two days (they have a three day grace).  There was a prior issue with an unpaid garbage bill that was going to be levied on our tax bill that took several calls to the tenant to get them to pay.
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