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security deposit for pets

we have a house we are going to rent and are new to this. When asked about dogs/cats, what kind of extra security deposit, if any can I ask for or is recommended?

There is no stated regualtion regarding the limits placed on a pet security deposit in California. It is important, though to check with your local court or jurisdiction for any restrictions!
I would consider how much damage would be caused by the pets and how much it would cost to fix that damage.  For instance, carpets will be cleaned after move out but you may have to replace some of it.  Or fancy landscaping might be destroyed.  A large deposit discourage a potentially good tenant so you may want to negotiate what they are willing to pay.
We have a pet agreement and a monthly pet fee of $30.00.
I have a $550.00 deposit for two dogs. I estimated the cost of damage to the hardwood floors and landscape.
What I did was charge them a returnable 1 months rent at the end of their stay.  If they really want the place and and they know their pet will not due any damage they will pay it
if its a small dog in a house with hardwood floors is $300 seems fair?  my former tenant's dog chewed on the baseboard and i had to buy the replacement and pay labor to install
I require a pet deposit of $500 which will be used to fumigate AND deodorize the property after they move out. Check companies in your area for cost. I also limit the pet to 40lbs max. You may also consider having the renters obtain insurance (with you on it) to cover any damages caused by the pet and giving you a copy BEFORE they move in, if possible.
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