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not on lease must move

my sister is not on a lease but is 2 month behind on her rent, rent given to her daughter to pay but was not paid, apartment mng. claim that a 7 day notice was given but she did not receive. She has to be out by there anything she can do???

I am assuming your sister was given a notice to vacate. This is usually the first step in eviction. I would have her contact the landlord and let him know what is going on. She will have to pay what is due but maybe he will let her stay. I would NEVER depend on anyone paying my rent for me. I have heard of this issue time and time again
landlord told my sister that she left the eviction notice on her door but my sister never saw the notice. She tried to talk to the landlord but she will not return her calls. There's no way she can come up with 2 months rent so she's staying with me.
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