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Landlord demands extra rent due to 30 days notice

Hi,  I was on the last month of my 6 month lease and planning to move out. I called on earlier last month about this and again this month. The landlord says that because I did not send a written notice that I will be moving out within 30 days, they can charge me for the next 30 days including a partial rent for next month.  I checked over the rental agreement and it does say that each party must give the other one 30 days written notice to vacate. Do I have any other recourse for not paying for extra days rent for next month? I won't even be there and hope there is something I can do to avoid paying for those days.  Thanks

It cannot hurt to ask and see if they will work with you. But know if they do not you must adhere to the Lease.
Are landlords willing to work something out in these circumstances? I am thinking of asking them if they will give me a credit if I vacate early and allow them to take back the unit early. They are a management company however so I don't know if this will work.
Not really. The lease is a binding contract.
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