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rental companys

What are the pros and cons of leting a rental company rent your house for you?

Some of the pro's are: It can free up the Landlords time for other things; they may have more marketing resources and they usually are licensed and have a good knowledge of market conditions; they may already have a database of clients. Some of the cons are: They can be expensive; they may just try to rent to anyone to gain comomission, so you want to fully make sure they do a background check, they are marketing other properties so you may not get that individual attention.
How can I post my property? Does ez-landlord forms help post property? Needing assistance on how to get started.
There are many ways to post a property for rent. Craigslist is a free service and I have heard that it works out very well for landlords. You can also post ads in your local newspaper and put a FOR Rent sign out in front of your rental. As far as I know this web-site does not have a listing service. Great Lease though!
I need simple instruction on how to list a rental property through the section 8 program
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