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Tenant left major damages- sample certified letter anyone?

Our tenant moved out early breaking the lease (and not paying for 10 days of rent) but in addition the carpet is completely ruined by pet urine and all the walls are covered in dirt, grime, etc and have to be repainted. We plan to use his security deposit (plus some if possible) to pay for damages - does anyone have a sample letter that we could edit and send tenant stating why we're keeping deposit and demanding addt'l. $$ for damages (though we doubt we'll get it, but we want the request in writing at least.)  Thanks!!

"Move In/Out Condition Security Deposit Statement" and the 2nd one is the "Balance Owed After Move-Out". The first can be used to itemize all of the damages and it gives a space for the accounting of the security deposit less the damages. The other is a great form to use after about 10 days have passed and you have had no reply from your tenant. Good luck and I hope you recoup your money.
Thank you I will look for that Form. That was very helpful Rebecca
I have the same scenerio can someone guide me to what I need to do or what forms are there? Thanks
Elizabeth - please see the reply above. Good luck.
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