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Get daughter out of my house.  she is 21

My daugher and her boyfriend are living with me.  He moved in they said for a few months, he is still there.  It has been about 8 months. My daughter does not pay anything, never has, not that i have not asked her for it and we are not getting along right now.  I just want her out of my house.  She does not respect me and has been verbally mean to me at times.  I need some advice and help.  This is making me sick inside.  I can not afford to support her anymore and she knows this but she says that she can not afford to leave, but that is not acceptable to me.

even though she is family she does reside there. You must still go to court to have her evicted if she doesn't want to leave.
I think this is more of a family issue than that of a landlord/tenant one. But if your choose to go the legal route, you would first have to give your state's required "notice to vacate or quit" and then file in the appropriate court for their removal. I think i would seek an attorneys advice though.
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